Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Book Recommendation

“10 Things They Never Told Me About Jesus: A Beginner’s Guide to a Larger Christ”
by John L. Bell (GIA Publications Inc, 2009)

There is that feeling of stretching a muscles prior to heavy use and then right after. The feeling of stretching long in the bed, reaching for both ends with fingers and toes, as the sun streams in the windows and you anticipate a fantastic day. These are akin to the soul-full feelings while reading this wonderfully concise book by John Bell.

I have known him more for his musical reputation. Being in a seminar lead by him is a treat. His knowledge of and passion for singing the faith is inspiring.

This text is equally inspiring. It is impressive how John presses the edges of our notions about Jesus and challenges our stereotypes of Jesus. He is able to do so without undue offense or easily ignored rhetoric.

A real strength of this book is the continual connection to the Bible. John weaves the breadth and depth of our scriptures in such a way as to make easy the seeing of a larger tapestry. Though John does not suggest a radical theoretical system of belief, he provides visions of a faith with far great complexity. The sum of which is a more warm experience of grace and the freedom to share the Good News more broadly. I highly recommend this book.