Tuesday, September 29, 2015

At Table

by Dr. James R. Brooks

Last year, more people died taking selfies than died from shark attack.  

Let that sink in a moment.  More people died taking a picture of themselves than died from an attack by Jaws!

Why is that?  Well, Jaws is a movie so not real.  And shark attacks are more likely to make headlines than a cell phone user falling off a cliff.  

Honestly, we know much of the problem . . . people taking selfies are so self absorbed that they are no longer aware of their surroundings.  They lose connection with their context.

Here is how Jesus said it … those who try to save their live will lose it.  Those who give their life in Jesus’ name will save it.  (I paraphrased but you can look it up in Matthew 16:25)

“in Jesus’ name” is a key.  Key because it is about connection.  It is about remembering our context, our surroundings, our savior.

Recently, I had dinner with a high school classmate who was traveling through our town.  Actually, Clay and I have know each other before high school.  He reminded me of when we built a limestone alter at church camp.  We laughed that nobody gave us instructions, just assumed we knew what we were doing.  It was still standing when I was last there some dozen or more years later.  

I hope you have had meal experiences like the one Clay and I shared.  Maybe in your small group?  Maybe at one of our fellowship dinners?  Maybe at communion on Sunday morning?

A meal time experience that is overflowing with personal connections and divine inspiration.

Clay and I cheered each other on with regard to our faith and life journey and how God has taken care of us and those we love.  

Connections . . . those who prefer selfies miss out.  

In your next prayer, I hope you will name some of the connections that are the most important to your faith journey.  Then, I hope you will name the potential connections that you could make when you give up your life for Jesus’ sake.  

For most of us, to “give up our life of Jesus’ sake” is to think of others first, serve others, humble ourselves, etc.  

I am very excited about the faith filled connections you have.  Those connections will foreshadow the saving grace that Jesus offers you every day!

If you want a connection like this, or more connections like this, or a small group that offers connections, let me know.  It would be my honor to hook you up.