Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What is Christian Worship? A Reflection . . .

by Dr. James R. Brooks January 18, 2016

Our college students have returned to school.  Do you remember the experience of those students coming home for the holidays?  Maybe you were a military personnel on leave visiting your parents?  Maybe you were out of town relatives visiting the old homestead.  

For many, that experience includes a growing pile of dirty laundry.  Laundry brought home already dirty and expecting to be washed.  

For many, that experience includes a shrinking pantry.  Young people and their appetites!    Especially for the treats parents will buy that they may not purchase for themselves.  

For many, that experience includes chaos.  Empty nest routines tossed asunder.  Boundless energy and late nights.  

For many, that experience of exhaustion is redeemed by the profound love, deep stress-free slumber, and renewal of relationships.

Sound familiar?  

Christian Worship is similar.

We are invited to bring all our dirty laundry to the table of the Lord and leave it.  We are expected to leave our laundry to be washed by our Lord as he washed his disciples feet that precious night.

We are invited to bring our appetite and to eat all the food God provides.  It is a feast!  In worship our soul is sustained by experiencing God’s Spirit.

We are invited to bring our chaos.  We bring our hangries and hopes, dreams and dreads, celebrations and concerns.  In worship, we can meet Jesus who calmed the waves that rocked the boat.  Jesus who made wine for the wedding at Cana.

Worshipping Jesus is to bring our praise and thanksgiving as we seek his presence in our lives.  Worship can be an experience of bring redeemed by profound love, deep stress-free praise, and renewal of relationship.

No need to RSVP … walk-ins welcome to the open table of the Lord.