Thursday, August 30, 2012


Thank God we will NOT live forever on this planet!!!

Dmitry Itskov, a Russian billionaire, is pursuing immortality through the 2045 Initiative, which he founded last year.  (

For some time I have been musing about how lucky we are that God’s promise of eternal life is NOT Earth bound.  Then I read about Mr. Itskov and his research into immortality.  It is an interesting concept.   What if we could transfer the essential bits of us into a renewable container?

One thought of mine is that “forever” is a very long time.  To reach immortality would place a very high goal on the renewable container and the environment wherein the container exists.  Even a Hostess Twinkie has a shelf life, yes?

A second thought is that this planet is rather flawed.  Blame who you wish, but it is a real struggle to enjoy life here.  Rich or poor, lottery winner or other, this world is dangerous.  Do you want to live forever in the place where you might go from “top of the heap” to “pond scum” multiple times in an immortal life?  It would give a new definition to “retirement” and “golden years.”

A third and maybe more profound thought dreams about the transformation necessary to enjoy an immortal life.  Imagine the stress you felt yesterday being with you for all eternity.  Imagine the guilt that haunts you daily.  What of the way your past has skewed your present.  Want to live with that for eternity?

Lately my golf game has included a decent tee shot and an enjoyable shot from 100 yds out.  The shot after my tee shot is too often my ruin.  Would I keep playing the game if I thought I would never improve my second shot?

Would you want to be immortal if you had to bring the stress, guilt, oppression with you?

We might master the mechanics of immortality.  We might.

The transformation required to appreciate, enjoy, thrive in an immortal existence is something of God and God alone.

Institutional church may have not met your needs.  Thankfully the institutional church changes over time.  Thankfully the institutional church does forever attempt to connect individuals with communities that seek the One who transforms us for an immortal life.

God gave us dominion over the world.  Like our friend the Russian billionaire, we might master the mechanics of an immortal life.  Will that take you back to the garden?

Relax ... let God sooth your soul and allow God your lifetime to prepare you for a life immortal.