Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reflections on 49

5 weeks old, 1967
It was a Friday, the day of my birth.  What a way to start a weekend for my parents.  

I have some reflections as I prepare to celebrate my 49th birthday.  

In general, I have not treated people as special as I have felt treated throughout my life.  If I were to ponder why I would name a degree of being shy, stretched, and selfish.  I am thankful and blessed to be treated as I have been by my family and friends and the faith communities I have served.  Even more, I am blessed by how much I am loved by God. 

I laugh more than I cry, and I love to see other people laugh.  Maybe because I know when what I did is now a joke, I’ve been forgiven.  Maybe because you all look so much better when you laugh.  Regardless, I count this as a blessing and I contribute it to my family, my church and God.  
first birthday, 1968

It turns out the “ugly duckling” story is true.  Pretty much felt like one of those not so handsome ducks in language arts throughout public school.  Though not a grammar guru, I have found a love for language.  Can you guess I thank my family, church and God for this?  Now for the image in the mirror. . . .

Hope is real.  I’ve always been encouraged to reach out and to grow.  Sometimes I fell.  In both my success and my failure, I experienced the reality of hope.  It is so much more than optimism.  Guess who gave me that gift.

me and Dutchess, Aug 1969
As I near the mid-point of my life, I am thankful for so very much.  Even more, I am inspired by what lies ahead.  It is going to be amazing!  That you and I are invited to participate in the future is one of our most cherished opportunities given by God.  I am especially excited about sharing the future with my son as I watch him become a man.

I’ll turn 50 on a Friday.  I’m guessing that will be a fun weekend.