Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Worth Your Life?

Is it easier to be good or to be great?  Recently I heard a commentary that suggested good is more difficult than great.  http://www.npr.org/2012/06/16/155026881/a-shriver-learns-its-harder-to-be-good-than-great
The comparison is not fair.  Great is to be aspired to, though it may only be reached occasionally.  Honestly, the literal realization of “great” is only occasional, maybe once a lifetime.
Good is a daily accomplishment.
We do so much daily.  Daily we make an impression.  Daily we make a difference.  Daily we are known.  Daily we are discovered.
Assuming that is so ... what are you DAILY?
Ask your children, co-workers, the barista at Starbucks, the cashier at Walmart, the drive-thru person at McDonalds.  What are you .. daily?
I am blessed to be born of my family of origin.  I was reminded of that blessing this past Father’s day.
I made at least two choices that have transformed my life.  In 1976 at the age of 9, I made the choice to be baptized.  In 1986, as a college student at Purdue University, I accepted my call to ordained ministry.  Those where “great” moments in my life.
What of the daily moments?  I was very intentional with the acceptance of my call to ordained ministry by asking this question of myself:  “In 40 years, what will be worth my life?  What can I do that I will feel is worth giving my life to?”  
That question implies a daily impact. 
How about you?  Daily, what will reflect accurately upon your life?  
Success?  Beauty?  Creativity?  Love?
1 Corinthians 13 = Love is the greatest of these....
John 3:16 = For God so loved the world ....
You have been blessed with such a life!  To what will you give it daily?  With whom will you share it daily?
Recalling Covey’s “7 Habits of Successful People” make an appointment on your calendar for everything that is worthy ... business, spouse, children, church in reverse order.  You will make you proud.  Be great at being good.