Thursday, January 19, 2012

How does a color blind preacher express what is beyond words?  Epiphany is that season.  
Reading the various Gospel texts that relate to the season of Epiphany, I read authors at a loss.  How does one articulate in a few sentences the baptism of our Lord and Saviour?  How does one share with the reader what it was like when Jesus called the first disciples?  How does one place on paper the experience of the transfiguration of Jesus?  
I am color blind.  To me the world is not grey.  However, ask the optometrist how many of the dot charts I got right - 2 of 10.  The first time I held my dear’s hand was before Monet’s Waterlilies.  The massive triptyck that he spent years to create.  Did I see the same colors as her?  No.  Was the experience beyond words.  You know the answer.
When Andrew told Peter about Jesus, when Philip told Nathanael about Jesus ... it was beyond the words.  
When you share your faith, fear not of the words.  Fancy phrasing is not the key.  Proper pronouns do not succeed.  The authentic expression of that which transforms your life is inspiring.  
The first disciples were neither poets nor novelists.  Jesus called fisherman and tax collectors.  These are hardly the word smiths of their day.  And yet, the laid the foundation of a faith community that thrives today.  
The faithful are blessed to experience God in ways that are beyond words.  The moments when God blesses us, heals us, reconciles us, transforms us.... beyond words and yet our attempt to speak the experience is itself a powerful witness smiled upon by our Creator.
Blessed are those who dare to share the faith that feeds their souls.  Epiphany is the season of revelation.