Monday, January 11, 2016

More Fun than PowerBall!

Have you purchased your ticket?  For only $2.00 you could be the winner of $1,300,000,000.00!!  Imagine it!  
We each have a “bucket list” and “lottery list”, yes?  What is your “lottery list?”  I know mine.  After I pay off debt, I like to day dream about those I could help.  Family, congregations, schools, etc.  Sort of a pass it along experience.  
A common question for lottery winners (all of us yes) is if you will quit your job?
Will you?
Before you give the knee-jerk response of . . . ponder the question with me . . .
If we quit our job after winning the lottery, we are making a statement.  We are stating that what we do for a living is less worthy than $1.3 billion.  I sense you might find that statement to be true.
What you are doing for a living, you are giving your life.  
Cut to the chase, you are priceless.  Many have given their lives so that you could have the life you enjoy.  Your parents, we hope, have sacrificed for you.  Multiple adults have attempted to make your life better such as teachers and preachers.  Jesus died so that you could have life eternal.  Cut to the chase, you are priceless.  
Priceless is more than $1.3 billion.  Don’t have a pot to piss in (pardon the vernacular) you are priceless.  Make every wrong choice, you are priceless.  Make every right choice, enjoy a story book life, you are priceless.  Still reading this blog, you are priceless.  
Okay - maybe you would still be fine quitting your job after you win the lottery.  I get it.  Sometimes what we do is provide for us and ours.  It is always a blessing when we can provide for us and ours.  Those for whom you provide are truly thankful for the sacrifice you make on their behalf.  It is all good.
Let me ask another way . . . what if you could do something that you would not quit even if offered $1.3 billion?  What would that be?
You know where this is going … it is a new year.  Why not do that thing which you find worth more than $1.3 billion?  You are priceless which means your service to others is priceless.  Nobody can afford to pay you for your service, done in love, to another human being.  If you do that service in the name of Jesus, you just multiplied that value.  You are amazing!

Please let me know what that thing is which you find more rewarding than the lottery.  It would be a blessing to me to hear from you!