Thursday, October 18, 2012


God scooped up some dirt and BREATHED life into us...

and Breath is such an experience.

Too often we fail to acknowledge, recognize, notice the power of each breath.

We notice when breathe is beyond us
       When our scuba tank is low
       When our allergies are bad
       When we need an oxygen mask, all day
       When those we love take their last breathe.

With so many breaths we speak words
       of shame and harm
       of hope and love
       of no meaning, a waste of our existence
       that reveal our brokenness, our wholeness, our desire

We blow out candles with our breath
       kisses across great expanse

Whistle while we work, play and while away the day
       to annoy our sibling or fill a silent space
       to call a pet or flirt a bit

With cheeks full and lips pursed
       running full speed, swimming laps, pedaling hard
       creation of a new life

Waft the scents of life
       fresh backed cookies kindle childhood memories
       perfume noticed while nuzzling a neck
       parent aroma remembered when assurance wished

Whoosh of air
       meditative breath
       renact the creative moment
       spirit in and spirit out

Main street, noon day, mid week, ordinary time
       breath still special?
       God gave, you chose