Friday, July 01, 2011

To be awesome or not to be awesome

To be awesome or not to be awesome

A friend of mine tried to say that she was not awesome. She is a humble person and it probably embarrassed her that I would use such a descriptor for her. Her self-deprecating response gave me pause to wonder.

Does God create crap?

God creates AWEsomely. God is awe inspiring. God’s creation as it reveals God to us is awe compelling. You and I as part of God’s creation are involved in the inculcation of AWE. Upon being present with a newborn baby, so often is the response, “awwwwwwe.”

We all have the awesomeness breathed into us. It seems to be how we exhale as to our articulation and demonstration of AWE. So yeah - you, my friend, are awesome. Oh and you act like it too.

I know she gets this. As I said, she is humble. Do you? Do I?

And what is it like to be that AWEsome? Does your hair stand on end? Do you sleep more soundly? Do you shine? Is it addictive? Does anyone notice? Is it better than your favorite food? let me know - I’d love to hear!