Thursday, December 15, 2016

Home and Hearth

These words are part of the vocabulary of Christmas.  “Home” is that place of welcome, grace and mercy.  “Hearth” is that place of permanence, steady, constant.  

However, “Christmas” is about all things change.  
Christmas is full of change, transformation, restoration.

Christmas is about a specific change.

The shepherds were driven from the field by dramatic visions cast by angels.  These shepherds returned to their fields proclaiming faith in God in a new and surprising way.  What a dramatic change for very earthy shepherds.

The wise men followed a star, chatted with a political leader, and knelt at a crib.  If only we could read their reflection.  As does the star, their journey appears to have started one way and concluded another.

As you prepare for Christ’s birth, what change has accrued?  More reflective upon your relation with you needy neighbor?  More aware of your own need?  More excited about God’s work in your life, relationships, worship?

Change does not equal quilt or shame.  Let us be clear on this account.  We need change in our relationship with Jesus Christ.   Best to focus upon the positive outcome of that relationship.  To focus on the negative is to drown all hope.

Jesus was born among us because Jesus had hope.  God will make perfect our relationship with God and others.  Because of the change caused by God, we can celebrate the change we seek in our own lives.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dr. Brooks

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